MPA Professional Education Committee

Professional Education Committee Chair:
George F. Knowles

Missouri State Highway Patrol
PO Box 568
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0568

Full Member Continuing Education Form

Professional Education Committee Details

Authority: Per the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Missouri Polygraph Association, on June 19th, 2003, this committee was appointed by President John M. Hurlock. The re-designation of this committee from "Certification Committee" to "Professional Education Committee", was made on January 23, 2004, by President Hurlock. The Re-designation of the committee’s purpose was made on October 7, 2009, by Chairman of the Board Robert Riggs.

Purpose: This committee is directed to manage a program ensuring each new full member and all existing full members of the association have completed the minimum number of required continuing education hours within the time period as defined by the by-laws of the association.

Scope: This committee will operate to the designed purpose relative to the membership of this association only.

Duties and Responsibilities: This committee shall perpetually operate an effective process related to the committee’s purpose. The committee will ensure appropriateness and applicability of submitted training/education. The Board of Directors will be the appeal authority in case of disputes arising from committee decisions. The committee chair will retain all membership documentation and records of committee action

Committee Members:
Chair: George F. Knowles
Members: John Hurlock, Robert F. Riggs

A program established to collect, monitor and maintain documentation of professional polygraph examiners who, by their attendance and participation in continuing education, demonstrate a willingness and desire to strive for continued excellence in their chosen profession. Only through maintenance of ongoing and reoccurring education can a polygraph examiner ensure they remain competent and knowledgeable in an ever changing and developing profession. This program is mandatory for all full members of the Missouri Polygraph Association.

Full members of the Missouri Polygraph Association must complete at least sixteen hours of continuing education in any area of formal education associated with the participation and conduct of polygraph examinations every three years (thirty six months).

Full members of the Missouri Polygraph Association that have fulfilled the continuing education requirements by attending a Tri-State sponsored seminar need not submit documentation. The Continuing Education Chairperson will collect a sign in sheet at each Tri-State Seminar. Full members that have fulfilled continuing education through an alternative source must submit documentation (copies of seminar certificates or supporting documents) along with a completed and signed copy of the Full Member Continuing Education Form, verifying completion of the required hours, to the chair of the Continuing Education Committee in order to maintain full membership in the association. Further, full members must continue to complete and submit appropriate documentation for any alternative source verifying a minimum of sixteen hours of continuing education every three years to maintain full member status within the association. Full members should maintain any Tri-State seminar certificates as corroboration to the association’s attendance records.

New members making application for full membership in the association will be required to immediately be in compliance with the educational requirements and submit all appropriate documentation and a completed and signed Full Member Continuing Education Form to the association secretary for acceptance into the association as a full member.