Thank you for your interest in the Missouri Polygraph Association.

Whether you are a MPA member, an attorney, law enforcement agency personnel, other professional, or other citizen seeking information it is our pleasure to have this unique opportunity to proudly share with you some general information about the Missouri Polygraph Association, Inc., (MPA) and the MPA membership.

First, and foremost we trust you will find all MPA members to be highly qualified professionals not only in the polygraph profession, but also in the field of law enforcement. In support of this all MPA quarterly business meetings are held at the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troopers Association Building located in the state's capital Jefferson City. Our membership include a large number of Missouri State Highway Patrol Troopers as well as other current and former/retired law enforcement officers not only from throughout the State of Missouri, but several other states too. Our examiners have varied backgrounds from private to municipal to federal levels of experience.

MPA members are required as membership to maintain the highest level of professionalism possible in the polygraph community. We continually strive to recruit and accept only dedicated professional examiners from throughout our great country. Each MPA member is extremely devoted to continuing their education in the field of polygraph.

All MPA applicants are subject to extensive background investigations and must be voted in for membership regardless of being a sworn law enforcement officer, military, or private examiner.

MPA examiners are "Certified", not only by their basic polygraph academy, but also by both state and national polygraph associations as a result of meeting their strict continuing education requirements. You will find that MPA members not only meet, but in most cases far exceed continuing education requirements.

We trust you will find the information, and/or the examiner you're seeking on our web site. If not, please feel free to contact any of the MPA Officers, or other members for assistance. All MPA members are willing to help you in any way possible.